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Nurturer of the Heart and Enlightener of the Soul

I have worked in the spiritual field for the last 18 years as a Spiritual and Intuitive Counsellor, Teacher, Channeler and Healer.2015 Pam1

My background is working with both individuals and families in crisis. This has seen me incorporate both conventional and intuitive counselling into a format that enhances and empowers individuals on all levels.

Alongside my own skills and intuitive abilities I work with spirit to offer insight and guidance to those who are struggling or feel challenged as they travel life’s path.

My own personal journey as well as working with individuals has taught me the importance of healing and reopening one’s heart to Self. My role is to support, guide and teach others to go within, to find the blocks, beliefs and patterns that keep them in pain, creating unhealthy scenarios or not leaving to their true potential.

The Child within, when unhealed holds many illusionary beliefs which are reflected in our life experiences or events. Childhood experiences, when not positive or healthy, lead to the rejection of Self.

In becoming aware of one’s Inner Child it is the first step to reconnecting to one’s Self and starting the healing process to reopening your heart.

We are the sum of all our experiences over many life times. We are all a wondrous source of knowledge, knowing and wisdom. In unlocking the answers within we gain much clarity, insight and remembrance of who we truly are. At the same time we heal and open our hearts to the love of Self, the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.