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Beginners Guide to Spirituality

Join me in this workshop to learn tools and techniques that will support you to reopen to the Spirit World and your Gifts in a safe and empowering way

Remembering Your Spiritual Connections

In reopening to our spiritual connections, we can rediscover and reclaim old Knowledge, Wisdom, gifts and abilities that we have forgotten, denied or closed down

Attracting and Living a Life Full Of Abundance And Prosperity

It is only when you acknowledge, understand and release what is holding you back from creating financial abundance, a healthy relationship or a rewarding career, that you can truly start to move forward in your life

Connecting with and working with Angels

This workshop will teach and support you to become more conscious of the Angelic Realm and how to connect and work with them in a safe and empowering way

Connecting with Spirit through the written word

We are all capable with practice, to receive messages and guidance from the Spirit World in a safe and appropriate way

Past Life Connecting

In understanding Past Life incarnations and any resulting fears and patterns that we still carry today, we can heal and release limitations in all areas of our lives




Enlightening the Heart Workshop

Sat 18 May 2015