Teachings Of The Ancients

3rd January 2019

Greetings Beloveds once again, for today we would like to talk about separation.

For when one is separate from the self comes away from trusting the self, from the loving of self and even more importantly from knowing the self.

Dear ones many of you look outside of yourself to find yourself not through who you are, rather through what you do and have.

The greatest connection you have in life is with the self and when this not nurtured by the self, one often feels alone and disconnected

In this disconnection one stops trusting the self, one stops trusting ones knowing and looks to others to give them value

We say to you beloveds that your deep knowing knows what stops you trusting and what does not

As much as you deny your deep knowing it always tells the truth, the truth of the matter


When one comes forward through fear one sets out to control and in this control leaves one with the feeling of having no say, that one cannot get it right and so the non trusting of self and one’s decisions is fed

It is by practicing the love of self that one learns to trust the self and in this, if one chooses, there is an opportunity to release patterns and beliefs that feed the devaluing of self from self

If you look at your thoughts are they always positive and empowering, or restricting and judgemental

For each time one judges the self one comes away from one’s lovability and deservability and sets about looking for affirmation from outside of one’s self

It is important to remember that you are unique to you, your journey is unique to you and that when one compares yourself to another it is like comparing an apple with a pear
div>You are both fruit and yet you are unique in your individuality and also beloveds in your soul’s journey

For your blueprint is unique to you and you have had a say in your blueprint dear ones even though many of you may contest this, for the greatest way to come back to you and to heal is to have different life experiences

These experiences all let us say give you the opportunity to wake up to the self and all that you are capable of and even more importantly are worthy of

Many of you feel that life is not fair, that you have been dealt a dud hand and we say to you dear ones that it is yourself that placed these experiences into your blueprints so that you can awaken

The free will that you are all born with gives you the choice dear one and you can either embrace, learn and grow from your experiences or stay stuck and limited and feeling that life is not fair

As humanity continues to open their consciousness to the all, many of you are feeling challenged as emotions of old come to the fore

For nothing is gained by wrapping up ones unhealed emotions and storing them away and as much as you feel that you have encased them in concrete, they will still come to the fore through your actions and reactions in life

This is where the key to your healing resides dear ones, for you to unpack your bunkers gently and gradually releasing emotions and ensuring beliefs and patterns that you have held for lifetimes

For in doing so you could say you are cleaning out your closet and as one does this, it allows new light into the self which sees your vibration rising

This sees you embracing life and putting the self to the fore without judgment, without critique and most importantly in Love

With much love and many blessings,

We are the Ancients

Channelled By Pamela Clarke,
Nurturer Of The Heart