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About Depression

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Greetings Beloveds for today we come through to speak about depression.

Many on your earth plane work hard to hide their feelings for fear of rejection or not measuring up.

Depression of emotion sees ones self filled with un-resolved emotion, that has been stored deep within.

Often depression will trigger when certain events happen in one’s life and the resulting emotion, plus old buried emotion comes to the fore most strongly.

Often those suffering from depression feel they have no value or are not loved and in believing this,
they set out to withdraw into themselves deeper and deeper.

They feel that by sharing their emotions and how they are truly feeling, that they will be a burden to those around them.

When one expects the self to always be coping one puts a lot of pressure on oneself and over time, this can build until something gives and that is the connection with self.

For the constant judgement and critiquing of self by self sees one feeling like they are a failure, that they should be stronger and they will often compare themselves to those around them.

The inner talk takes on a life of its own eg I should be able to cope with this, be stronger, be able to feel motivated and I should stop crying all the time and the list goes on.

Dear ones know that depression is very common in your society for many are experiencing their soul trying to get their attention by saying that it is time to heal, to release what you are holding onto that does not serve one well.

Beloveds through each of your lifetimes you have had numerous experiences which sit within yourself cellular memory, from some of these experiences much stress is still sitting within the body.

If one looks back over one’s journey often an event will be a trigger for the onset of depression, which starts creeping in gradually and all of a sudden one is feeling overwhelmed and like they have no control.

This is where it is important to engage in conversation and to receive support to explore one’s feelings and the beliefs behind them.

In doing this dear ones you will find the true truth, not the many illusions that many hold onto about themselves.

It is time for families to reconnect on an emotional level, for many families are not comfortable with their emotions and avoid or scoot around them when they arise.

Dear ones if you came from a family that were not comfortable with their emotions, how would you learn to be comfortable with your own.

How often do you tell each other of your love for each other your pride and support for each other, for when this is not naturally coming to the fore one would not see that as a given.

Many families have become disconnected from their emotions and are often going through the motions with out emotion.

This is not a judgement dear ones rather an awareness and so ask yourself within our family do we talk about our emotions most easily whatever they may be, or are our masks firmly in place and giving the impression that all is well.

Dear hearts you are in the human body and your experiences in life bring many challenges to you and so it is important to start bringing your emotions to the fore, by being aware of the self and being truthful when somebody asks how you are.

Society as a whole will be a lot more honest about their feelings in the future, of course bring it back to the self always.

What do you say to yourself when your feelings are to the fore do you acknowledge them, do you suppress them, do you berate yourself or do you comfort and support yourself.

If it is not natural to be in your feelings you will have worked hard to numb the self.

This is where practice is most important, for it allows you to become more comfortable in feeling and expressing your emotion.

Get into the habit of connecting into how you are feeling in any given moment for by doing this you will not pretend, you will be real about where you are at and then have the option to what you choose to do with these feelings.

Know in the next five years dear ones there’s going to be great movement within your society regarding depression and more funds will be available, this will see it most natural and normal to receive help.

A lot of the stigma that individuals and society as a whole holds onto, will start melting away and seeing many believe it is quite normal and not shameful within your society to receive help.

For as Pamela knows through her work their are many out there who are suffering in silence.

In bringing ones shadow to light much understanding and support can be given, so one can embrace the self fully and once again find passion for their journey on the physical plane.

Learn to truly love yourself and all of who you are dear ones without conditions, for it is trying to meet conditions that are not always practical or achievable that leads many to come away from self belief.

An important part of working with depression is the connection with your inner children, often when children have had no voice growing up they will struggle to have a voice as an adult.

This also can contribute to depression, for the children within do not believe they have the right to have a voice and so keep much suppressed within ones cellular structure.

Start with little steps do not push the self for it is about learning to feel safe to be here, safe to be in your body and safe to be in your emotion.

Know we surround you with much love and support at this time and thank you for the opportunity to step forward.

Blessings Be, We Are The Collective.

Channelled By Pamela Clarke, Nurturer Of The Heart.

The Journey Of The Soul

Greetings from The Collective

Today we would like to talk about the Journey Of The Soul.

There is much confusion about the souls journey from the time of leaving the divine spark, for from the time of leaving the divine spark the soul’s role is to return to be fully encompassed in the light.

This journey sees this soul experiencing many lessons that support it to be in its true potential, the blueprints of your experiences as you know are always in partnership with the source with spirit and mind of self.

The subconscious holds the memory of your blueprint and your souls knowing, many struggle with this concept and believe that they have been punished by their experiences rather that they chose them to truly enlighten the self and sit within an open-heart centre.

The journey of the soul has many possibilities and probabilities, that one has choice about creating on the journey through life.

Many humans struggle to love themselves and programming that they have carried from lifetimes sees them continually downplay who they are and what they deserve.

This allows them to stay stuck and feel like everything they do is about punishment of self rather than empowerment of self.

For you are all born with free will and that any in given moment, it is your choice about how you feel and how you respond to what is happening to you.  

Many struggle with this concept and do not believe that they are in partnership with their experiences in life, that they have attracted different experiences for the learning and the healing so they can let go the patterns and beliefs that do not serve them well.

In embracing the power of one’s free will and ons choices in every moment in life, you are acknowledging that life is about individual choice and how one chooses to respond to themselves and to others in any given moment.

Fear is behind individuals responses to self and while fear encompasses once choices, one will stay stuck and limited which creates much frustration at the self.

Believing in yourself is a gift, that each soul can give to themselves and in doing so this opens endless possibilities in all areas of one’s life.

Allowing the self to have a voice is most important, for as you know when one does not have full expression of who they are and their truth there is much limitation and constriction in the throat area.

Finding one’s voice to express one’s needs and one’s feelings is an important part of healing and loving the self.

As children many felt they did not have a voice and what they had to say was not important.  

In experiencing this much emotion was stuck down into the body and as you know over time this presents its self as disease or dis-ease with the self.

Beliefs and patterns held deep within the cellular memory, finds that all one’s experience are filtered through these leading to much restriction of self.

The core of one’s essence is divine and over many lifetimes has been covered with much pain, anguish and rejection of self.                                                                                                                               

In learning to love oneself fully without conditions leads to one’s true light shining for all to see, a most beautiful sight.

In Loving Service to you all,

We are The Collective.


Channelled By Pamela Clarke,

Nurturer Of The Heart.

The Collective

Are you comfortable sitting in the peace and quiet and being connected truly with the self?

For many struggle to value the importance of time spent with self in communion.

Beloveds you are the best person for you to be in a relationship with, one that nurtures and values who you are and your unique heart energy.

Life is not a race it is a journey, it is not about winning at any cost rather about embracing each moment from a place of love of self, an open heart and unconditional love.

For many souls love is a concept that occurs outside of them with partners, children, wider family and friends.

True love of self is unconditional love of self without attachment, meaning that certain conditions don’t have to be met for this to occur.

To often dear ones you seek affirmation outside of yourself that you are loveable, you look for others approval or validation to be loved and accepted for who you are.

It is truly only the self who needs to love and accept you, for why would you put your lovability and acceptability into another’s hands.

Become aware if you distract regularly from being in communion with yourself.

Do you like being by yourself or do you fill your time with either working, sleeping, being in others company, or finding others ways of distracting from being fully present for yourself?

Are you critical or constantly rejecting yourself as not measuring up, so you avoid spending time with yourself which makes it easier to stay disconnected from your body and not feel?

It is about learning to feel safe and worthy to fully embrace all of who you are and the love of self.

Only you can do this for you beloveds, it is your choice.

What have you got to lose?

In Loving Service To You All,

The Collective.

Channelled By Pamela Clarke,

Nurturer Of The Heart.