The Ancients

Self Responsibility

Greetings Beloveds as we The Ancients step forward one again.

Today dear ones we would like to speak about self responsibility.

All of you in this lifetime have a responsibility to yourself to truly come back to sitting in your heart centre.

For many of you are most fearful of love of self and in this fear, step away from taking responsibility for what is occurring in your life and how you are dealing with it.

Responsibility beloveds is about the ability to respond to the self and to the situation.

Many of you struggle to respond to the self in a loving and kind way, rather you go into your heads and then reject the self out of believing that you are not measuring up.

Dear ones when one takes responsibility for self one says to the self, I am creating my path in life and take full responsibility for that not putting that responsibility onto another.

If one always feels like their lives are out of control and that others have power over them they will always stay victim to not living their true path, doing this is by being being in one’s power this is by knowing that you are born with free will.

Yes there may be circumstances outside of your control at the same time dear ones you can take responsibility for how you embrace the situation, how you deal with it and how you take up your role within that situation.

When one plays victim to a situation one does not allow ones self to sit in their knowing and trust, rather one comes into let us say a poor me energy that there is nothing that I can do that it is not my fault and that life is not fair.

We say to you beloveds it is all about taking your power back and saying to yourself do I choose to distract and go outside of my body to my head, to numb myself off from what is occurring or do I choose to sit with within and connect with myself and work through and support myself through this process that I am experiencing.

Of course beloveds you are born with free choice and within this choice, you always have free will to how you respond to any event or any person in your life.

As one awakes to the power of self, one realises that the power or choice is always in your hands about how one reacts in life.

This is most important beloveds for when one stands in their truth and knowing, one acts from a place of this knowing and draws on the learning and understanding and moves through the process of what is occurring.

When one comes away from the self and closes down one feels that it is not safe to sit in their feelings and flow, so will distract or ignore what is happening and of course as you know dear ones in circumstances like this the Universe becomes a lot louder to get your attention.

For as you look around your planet dear ones you also see many who are in power who do not take responsibility for their actions and then in this non responsibility, set out to lord their power so to speak over another and to take away the free choice of those who have elected them.

Of course within this when one does not take responsibility for their choices, actions or reactions that one takes or has ones sends the message that I’m above all of you, I have the power to lord over you and I have the power to control your lives and your livelihood.

This is a false sense of power and when a souls false sense of power thrives, one can become disconnected from self and lives in the illusion that they are in a most powerful position and that they are most powerful.

When one needs to have power over another to feel powerful that is a false sense of power, for true power comes from being connected to the self.

For when one stands in their truth and knowing that dear ones is true power, one does not need to convince anther of their importance or their ability to take away another’s choices, for one does not need to do this for one respects their own souls free will and choices and will do the same for others .

Beloveds ask yourself how do I take responsibility for what is occurring in my life at this time, how can I embrace this circumstances and find a way that empowers me not disempowers me and supports me and does not leave me feeling alone and isolated.

In making choices for yourself you set the intent, that I know how to look after myself and I also know that putting my hand out to others is not a failure rather a strength.

Love and honour yourself dear ones for in loving and honouring the self you will love and honour your choices and the responsibilities that you have in this lifetime.

Blessings Be,
We Are The Ancients.

Channelled By Pamela Clarke,
Nurturer Of The Heart.

The Power of Loving the Self

Greetings beloveds as we The Ancients once again step forward.

Today we would like to speak about the Power of Loving the Self.

Since the start of time of humanities incarnation onto this planet, there has been much journey through their heart centre

The love of self is the key to all one’s experience for when the love of self is not present life experiences are filtered through much fear, much worry and through non-trust of self and this is the bottom line beloveds the non-trusting of self.

For when one sits in the non-trusting of self one does not allow life to flow rather one tries to control the flow of life, in the illusion that by doing so they will feel safe and this is what we are here to teach today about the power of loving the self.

For when one loves the self one trusts the self and trusts life, one trusts that one will be safe in all experiences and embraces the learning of the experiences rather than fights or limits the experiences out of fear.

For fear that takes much hold beloveds sees one living in the fear and through this, one sets out to control themselves and those around them as well as the experience of it.

Everything that comes through control is always coated in fear and so this fear gets played out, purely by the belief that you are not safe and so one becomes very reluctant in life and does not trust that they’re safe to be in each moment and safe to allow.

This is the word we would like to explain more for when one allows it gives the message to the self and to the Universe that you are open to allow the experience, to allow the learning and even more importantly to allow the love of self and others.

For when one does not allow one closes the door to flow one closes the door to allowing yourself to experience on all levels and in this non-allowance, there are conditions placed by the self on one’s lovability value and worth.

This sees the self always critiquing and living in the head, in the belief that this is the only way to survive and of course many of you are feeling like you are struggling to survive.

For no longer can you numb off to your emotions for more and more your emotions are coming to the fore in spite of yourself, in spite of how you are trying to control your emotions by outside means.

When we talk about these outside means we’re talking about the need to nullify the self and one’s emotions, in your society there are many forms of numbing from alcohol, drugs through to food gambling, working long hours et cetera.

Many of you are finding that these means are becoming more full on, that you are taking more of your addiction or self-medication to keep your emotions suppressed.

We are here to say beloveds that on a soul level you are a reawakening and your soul is letting you know, that no longer can you use these self-medications on all the emotions that you have packed into your suitcase.

This is why many of you are finding that your life is so intense, it seems one thing after another is being presented to challenge you and what you believe about the self and to trigger your feelings of helplessness and non-control.

Many of you are feeling this at this time for this is also about your heart reopening to the self, for many lifetimes you have placed barriers around your hearts in the belief that is the only way to not feel or to keep safe.

As these barriers start to spontaneously dissolve many of you are feeling quite fragile and out of control and this is why we are here dear ones, to remind you about allowing yourself to acknowledge your fear and to allow yourself to receive support to explore and understand your feelings.

For it is when one understands that one comes back into their power, for when one has awareness they know what is behind the feelings, their emotions and they are ready to be understood to be embraced and most importantly to be healed.

Beloveds the love of self is all about loving the self and one’s journey in life it does not mean you are a peacock it means dear one that you are willing to be true to you on all levels, you are willing to understand who you truly are and most importantly let go all of the illusions that you have carried through lifetimes into this and have played out in your life experiences.

You have nothing to lose dear ones but the pain and restriction of self and so it is with your permission time to truly stand and be all of who you are.

Blessings Be,
We AreThe Ancients.

Channelled by Pamela Clarke,
Nurturer Of The Heart.