Moving Through And Healing From Depression

Learning to love and honour the self is the key,
To releasing old stuck emotion and setting the self free.

To heal and support yourself to awake,
One gentle step at a time you can take.

Learning to trust yourself once again to share,
Will show how many people around you truly care.

All stuck beliefs and emotions are stored within,
Disempowering thoughts and feelings in your past did begin.

Our journey in life brings these parts to the fore,
When unhealed feeling with the self in a constant war.

Just like all who walk on this earth you deserve,
To live and experience all parts of your life without reserve.

No longer about the self to feel so blue,
To feel good about who you are and what you do.

Give yourself permission and let others your hand hold,
Allow yourself to be embraced and supported in their loving fold.

Practice being kind and loving to the self,
And over time enjoy the results of new inner health.

Healing and releasing all your inner strife,
No longer just going through the motions in life.

Nothing is gained by holding it all in,
Taking the time you need to heal depression you can win.

Written By Pamela Clarke,
Nurturer Of The Heart.