The Journey Of The Soul

Greetings from The Collective

Today we would like to talk about the Journey Of The Soul.

There is much confusion about the souls journey from the time of leaving the divine spark, for from the time of leaving the divine spark the soul’s role is to return to be fully encompassed in the light.

This journey sees this soul experiencing many lessons that support it to be in its true potential, the blueprints of your experiences as you know are always in partnership with the source with spirit and mind of self.

The subconscious holds the memory of your blueprint and your souls knowing, many struggle with this concept and believe that they have been punished by their experiences rather that they chose them to truly enlighten the self and sit within an open-heart centre.

The journey of the soul has many possibilities and probabilities, that one has choice about creating on the journey through life.

Many humans struggle to love themselves and programming that they have carried from lifetimes sees them continually downplay who they are and what they deserve.

This allows them to stay stuck and feel like everything they do is about punishment of self rather than empowerment of self.

For you are all born with free will and that any in given moment, it is your choice about how you feel and how you respond to what is happening to you.  

Many struggle with this concept and do not believe that they are in partnership with their experiences in life, that they have attracted different experiences for the learning and the healing so they can let go the patterns and beliefs that do not serve them well.

In embracing the power of one’s free will and ons choices in every moment in life, you are acknowledging that life is about individual choice and how one chooses to respond to themselves and to others in any given moment.

Fear is behind individuals responses to self and while fear encompasses once choices, one will stay stuck and limited which creates much frustration at the self.

Believing in yourself is a gift, that each soul can give to themselves and in doing so this opens endless possibilities in all areas of one’s life.

Allowing the self to have a voice is most important, for as you know when one does not have full expression of who they are and their truth there is much limitation and constriction in the throat area.

Finding one’s voice to express one’s needs and one’s feelings is an important part of healing and loving the self.

As children many felt they did not have a voice and what they had to say was not important.  

In experiencing this much emotion was stuck down into the body and as you know over time this presents its self as disease or dis-ease with the self.

Beliefs and patterns held deep within the cellular memory, finds that all one’s experience are filtered through these leading to much restriction of self.

The core of one’s essence is divine and over many lifetimes has been covered with much pain, anguish and rejection of self.                                                                                                                               

In learning to love oneself fully without conditions leads to one’s true light shining for all to see, a most beautiful sight.

In Loving Service to you all,

We are The Collective.


Channelled By Pamela Clarke,

Nurturer Of The Heart.