From the start of time

From the start of time,
Your Soul is truly sublime.

For its true light,
Always shines bright.

Journeying through the physical plain,
Many have dimmed their light with little gain.

For their emotions they do hide,
Keeping them buried deep inside.

Covering ones inner pain with a grin,
The wearing of masks at an early age begins.

The rejection of self become the norm,
Seeing some wish that they were never born.

Forgetting that they are unique,
Always the self they continually critique.

The love of self they resist,
As the stuffed feelings do persist.

The fear of feeling they deny,
While often inside they want to cry.

Feeling that they have no free will,
They deny themselves to live to the full.

It’s up to you to choose which way,
How you walk your path each day.

One step at a time you can take,
As you support yourself to truly awake.

As you practice loving who you truly are.
Honouring your feelings will take you far.

To live in the moment is the key,
To heal and release will set you free.

Love and embrace who you are,
In life it will take you wide and far.

So as you go forth this day,
Let your love of self light the way.

Written By Pamela Clarke,
Nurturer Of The Heart.