Experiencing Depression

Behind my masks I do hide,
Their is nobody in who I can confide.

Putting onto everyone a brave face,
All the time I am tired of living in the human race.

My inner pain I never share,
I feel a failure and that no one does care.

Much of the time I feel so low,
No longer does happiness in my life flow.

To laugh and look forward and not feel insane,
If only I could once again feel alive and let go this pain.

Each day feels like a big black hole,
So often I feel like a damaged and lost Soul.

Why can I not get things in my life right,
Always being with myself in a constant fight.

Each day through the emotions I do go,
Feel stuck disconnected and on a go slow.

Getting out of bed to face the day,
How I wish everything would go away.

I am so tired of living with me,
No light in this black tunnel do I ever see.

I get so scared and anxious about what to do,
Each day I am tired of waking up and feeling so blue.

What would it take for me to be free,
To no longer be in a constant battle with me.

Written By Pamela Clarke,
In honour of all those I have worked with who suffer from depression.