Who Are You?

Do you stand in the true you, or do you deny your true magnificence? Your lack of confidence in self see many of you deny or not own all the parts of self.

How many of you dear ones truly believe in who you are, what you know? Do you own your wisdom and gifts of creativity?

For all of you, your purpose on earth is to be your true selves. To remove the masks that you use to cover your true magnificence for fear of being judged and persecuted. These masks you hide behind, deny your pains, vulnerability and the feeling of aloneness and unworthiness.

It is time to reopen you heart to to self and others. In doing this you will learn to live in the moment and to view life through new eyes that will see the abundance of love and joy around you.

Nothing is ever a mistake dear ones, it is all part of the learning you have incarnated to experience. Within every situation is a lesson, as you embrace the lessons the learning will give you much insight into your patterns, your actions and reactions.

The healing of your beliefs that do not serve you well will begin. You will question where these beliefs originated from and replace them to see a new you emerging to stand in your heart centre in a new confidence and belief of self.

The Magnificent Butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

Blessed Be