Relationship With Self

For I come to speak about the relationship with self. For many of you this is non existent, for you do not connect into the self, your body and your feelings, rather you live in your head in your logic.

For many are afraid of yourself and your feelings. For when one is connected to the self in a healthy relationship, it is easy to be present or to live consciously in every moment. Many are more comfortable being distracted from the self, going through life not connected to each moment.

How often are you on auto pilot, thinking about what you have to do next, rather than what you are doing or experiencing in the now. It is time dear ones to have a healthy relationship with the self, one where you are connected into your feelings in every moment.

One where you allow your body to reflect how you are feeling , rather than distracting from these feelings by getting busy, looking after others, often at the time when it is most important to look after the self.

Many of you have spent your lives living in the head, for this is where the illusion of safety lies.

Rather than feel your body and its emotions, and the life experiences it has, you block out these feelings and use many avenues, or ways to keep the body numb or disconnected. Ask yourself how comfortable am I with my feelings. Do I honour them or do I deny them.

What are my fears about my feelings, what am I afraid of if I truly own my feelings and find a healthy expression for them.

For self awareness is the key dear ones, for when you become aware you come from a different perspective.

You give your self permission to make choices that will serve your well being, at the same time allow you to let go many illusions of who you are and what you deserve in life.

Your journey through life is made up of many experiences which give you the opportunity to discover the real you and to live to your true potential.

By having a healthy relationship with yourself, you discover and learn to know the true you and how you feel in each moment as you travel life’s path.

Beloveds embrace life, for in living life to the full you are honouring who you truly are and all that you are part of.

Blessed Be