The Importance Of Self

Greetings beloveds! How many of you put your self first in life? Do these words make you comfortable? Feel your reaction.

You are taught from an early age that the self must not be put before others, this is so called coming from ego or being selfish, this is but an illusion. The self is your first priority in life, as it is through the self and having your own needs met, that you then can meet others.

How can you do for others if you don’t know how to do it for self first?

Many have got very caught up in the energy of understanding this. The point of incarnation and the learning you have come to experience in the school of life is very pivotal on understanding the self and patterns you play out in this lifetime.

Many of you are choosing to reopen the heart to self and in doing this are being asked to put your needs first, something that makes many of you very uncomfortable.

In saying this, it is important to find the balance as you undertake this journey of discovery of self. To learn to live in the moment, one must come out of the head / logic and back into the heart to sit in unconditional love of self and others.

Many of you have bought persecution of self from many lifetimes to this lifetime. In changing and understanding these patterns, which are attached to the issue of persecution, many have set up what the individual considers as hard lessons to become aware of and to work with their actions and reactions in life.

As you walk forward into the new self, many of you are undertaking a journey of self discovery. This is seeing you reopening the heart to walk and be in your vulnerability as you find new strength and understanding from within. This my beloveds is the finding and reclaming of the true essence of self, a gift to behold.

Blessed Be