The Truth Of Self

What is your truth? Do you live it in every moment, or is it something that passes by like a fleeting cloud on the horizon?

As you become more connected to the self, the more you have the opportunity to let go the illusion of self that you have carried for many lifetimes.

This illusion has stopped you being the true self and living to your true potential, within this illusion the masks to cover the True Self have been created.

What masks do you wear in this lifetime, how aware are you of these, where did they originate, what is the story behind them. What is your fear of letting go of your masks, of seeing the real you in all your true magnificence.

Who am I you ask to be magnificent, why not I ask. For you are a wondrous spiritual being in a physical body, that walks this earth plain with much knowing, wisdom and understanding if only you would truly let your self remember.

It is time to let go the shackles of self that hold you back from knowing and being the true you, its time to truly own all the facets of self in their entirety.

Breathe deeply and take Life in to its fullest for in doing this you live life in every moment.