Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Journey Of The Child Within

From the womb we did allĀ come.
The journey the heart to unnumb.

The child within us all deserves much love,
And receives much support from loved ones above.

The child of many is given no voice,
To the behaviours of others and their choice.

Responsibility for this they do take,
Until they choose to heal and awake.

Rejection of self they do tout,
Their lovability they truly doubt.

They believe they must hide and keep,
All the numbed feelings buried so deep.

The child within needs to feel,
Safe and worthy of being able to heal.

The masks that they do wear,
To release without doubt or fear.

Each step that they do take,
To honour themselves and not forsake.

Old habits and patterns they can choose to cease,
Love of self will supportĀ these to heal and release.

Its up to you to make a start,
Are you both ready to heal and live from the heart.

The gifts and blessings that you will receive,
Will support you both through the love of self to believe.

Written By Pamela Clarke.