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Are You Living The Life You Deserve

As you read the name of this article, you will have already given your self a response to this question. For all of us know if we are truly living our lives the way we would like to or not. For many are just going through life in a dream, waiting to win lotto or for someone to come along and change their life for the better. Many on the earth plain live in the illusion that their life experiences have nothing to do with them. There is often an excuse if this had not happened, or when this happens then I will be happy and can live the life I want to. Or when I find the right job with the right pay, I can start living my life to its true potential, the list is endless. Many wait for someone else to make the decisions or changes for them in their lives. So each year passes and they still find themselves stuck in the same old places, doing the same old things. In doing so, feeling their life is going no where.

If this sounds like you ask yourself this question. Why am I afraid to get out there and truly experience my life in a way that is challenging, rewarding and fulfilling? What are my fears about being successful? For it is only asking ourselves some hard questions that we can start to find the answers. In doing so, allowing us to move forward and to start living our lives to their true potential. For we all live our lives based on what our belief system tells us. By finding these beliefs, you can start working with them. How many of your beliefs about your self are negative and disempowering? If you do not believe in yourself, how will anybody else? It is time to start loving and believing in you. Start setting yourself new challenges and goals by stepping out of your comfort zone – one step at a time.

It is important not to focus on the what ifs in your past – but to bring your awareness to the here and now. For this is where you are now. You cannot change past experiences, only how you feel about them. See these experiences as lessons in your souls evolution. Even if you feel they were not always positive, know that you attracted them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Find a new perspective. Ask yourself how did these experiences shape who I am? What positive qualities did they teach me about myself; e.g. I am a survivor?

As you map the path of your life, set goals towards activities that bring passion into each day. From writing, painting, gardening to working with children, teaching, the list is endless. Many believe that in life you can not create or have a job doing something that you have true passion for. You are born with choice, and if you choose to believe that, you will create the reality of this. It is all about self belief!

So, what do you believe is possible when you look at attracting new relationships or applying for a job? Do you believe that you can create or attract a job that will allow you to work in your passion, or have a healthy loving relationship? Are you negative from the start, (could never happen, not possible etc). If so, stop and catch yourself. We all create our reality from what we believe. Change your belief and watch your reality change.

Many struggle to experience financial abundance in their lives. In doing so, get caught up in the belief that they are not lucky, or that life is not abundant. Again this is about self belief. If you live your life in constant fear that there is not enough, that life is not fair, you will constantly experience that reality. Poor self image, or believing you are unworthy of abundance and prosperity will constantly lead to lack of in this area. Do you play victim to these beliefs? Do you have a loser attitude? What is the pay off for constant financial struggle? Ask yourself, why do I keep on creating limitation in this area of my life? What am I afraid of?
Family programming or experiences in childhood regarding financial abundance can see many left with restrictive beliefs in this area. It is by becoming aware of any thoughts and beliefs that limit you financially, that you can take the first step to changing your reality.

It is time to become a creator not a victim in this area of your life! In doing so, allows yourself to claim your birthright of receiving and experiencing lifes abundance and prosperity. Make today the first day of the rest of this lifetime! Get real about who you truly are, what you deserve and are capable of. Focus on where you want to go in life and what you are wanting to experience in all areas. Do not put your life in the too hard basket. It is your fears that are holding you in the rut. Often these are based on illusions that do not serve you well. Work with your fears and the illusions around them, eg I am not good enough. Allow yourself to receive support, guidance both from the Universe and those around you. You do not have to do it alone.

On your death bed will you look back on your life and say well done? I walked my path with a willingness to learn, grow and give it a go! Or with trepidation, fear and just surviving. Life is not supposed to be a chore, something just to get through day by day. Life is about experiencing all of its facets on all levels, at the same time embracing the learning and challenges of every day experiences. Of loving your self unconditionally whatever the situation – at the same time living consciously in each moment.

Truly get to know and believe in who you are, what you offer to yourself and those who cross your path. In doing so the gifts that you will receive will be immeasurable! The most important one being the gift of knowing the true self and all it’s potential.