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Setting the Intent

As we opened to the year of 2008 many would have set New Year Resolutions. For most as the days, weeks and now months have passed these resolutions have faded into the background and have not been actioned, for often when we set resolutions, goals, there is often a lack of follow up. For when one sets an intention its needs to be followed by action and this is where many stumble, for actioning their intent often brings up fears as well as issues of worthiness and deservability.

Self Belief can be a huge issue as the critic within comes to the fore with its fears and judgements of what is truly possible. If allowed to gather momentum the inner critic sets about sabotaging the process with its constant inner chatter eg, what have we got to offer, what if we fail, tried that before and it didn”t work and so on. As the voice becomes louder the fears take on a life of their own and the line between truth and illusion become blurred leading to the non actioning of the intent. This is where it is most important to have a process that will support you to work with this part of yourself, and the fears and beliefs that are held within. In doing this you allow yourself to walk forward with clarity and understanding about these, at the same time supporting and reassuring the inner critic/saboteur to feel safe to allow you to action your intent.

To set an intention and follow it of course, you must have a plan. To put a plan into place you first must have an idea of what you wanting to create or action whether it be to work in the Spiritual Field, to heal and let go of the past, create new interests, change job, or where you live and so on, the list is endless. It is most important to be clear about what you are wanting to create or action by being specific, it will support the steps you need to take.

It is also important to understand the reason behind your intent. If the reason is based on your fears or belief of not being good enough as you are will continue to be played out in your new work environment and personal life. Self Awareness is important for often our subconscious thoughts and beliefs override our conscious ones and these get played out in our actions and reactions in life.

By being aware you can make choices that will allow you to feel empowered rather than disempowered as fearful or scared parts of self come forward in this process.


1. What is my Intent? for example; To Create Spiritual Workshop

2. What is the reason behind this Intent? – To Share Tools and Information

3. What are my fears about my Intent? – Make A List – Not Good enough, Failure etc

4. Where do they sit within my body? – Put A Colour With Them

5. Immerse self in colour and give each fear a voice through your thoughts

6. Acknowledge the fears asking for more clarification if needed

7. Ask how you can best support this part of you to work with this fear

8. Reaffirm this parts worthiness and deservability to create its desires

9. Reassure inner voice of your support, guidance and safety to action intent

10. Set out plan of what you physically need to put intent into action e.g. Workshop

  • Choose a Topic
  • Create Format
  • Find a Venue
  • Set a Date
  • Advertise
  • Hold Workshop

11. Listen to and reassure your self as you action your plan and allow others to support you

12. Invoke the Guidance and Support of Your Guides, Angels and The Universe

By having a Plan and actioning it you are setting energy in motion that will support you to create the reality or results of your intention. By using the energy that it takes to stay stuck in life to trace, misplace and replace beliefs in a positive and empowering way you open the door to endless opportunities and possibilities in your life. Allow yourself to live your life to its full potential, you are worth it.

The Journey Of The Child Within

The journey of the child within starts from the time of the souls entry into the physical body of the foetus. There is much conjecture as to at what point in gestation that this takes place. My experience of regressing clients back to this point sees a wide variety of times from the point of conception onwards. The time being dependant I believe, on the souls learning and choice within this experience. As the soul makes its first contact with its physical body there can be a range of emotions stirred. The remembrance of feelings experienced in previous incarnations and the limitations of a physical body can come to the fore. Continue reading

Mums Journey

On the 8th September 2005 at her home, my Mum took a gentle breath and passed from the Earth plane. Mums journey was one of much courage and dignity as she came to terms with Terminal Kidney cancer.

After being diagnosed in March 2004 Mum underwent radical surgery to remove one of her kidneys in the hope that the cancerous tumour in her kidney, had not spread into other parts of her body. Initially there was much promise that this was the case, sadly for Mum and our family it wasn’t to long before she became aware that this wasn’t to be. Continue reading